What Happens in 2020?

2020 isn’t a random year or a conveniently selected date. In addition to the growing impact conservative and liberty-leaning state majorities have had on policy, legislative control in 2010 helped ensure congressional districts were favorably drawn to our allies. Realizing that control of the states not only has a strong impact on individual voters but, once every ten years, also impacts the federal map has led the left to exponentially increase their state level efforts. This blatant attempt to take back state legislatures for the purpose of securing a congressional majority and a larger federal government must be stopped.

Strong state investments are crucial to policy-oriented progress at both the state and federal levels. We must continue to effectively invest in our state infrastructures as well as state based policy initiatives in order to ensure that we build a strong bench of future federal candidates, have a strong impact on state level legislation, and prevent the ten-year growth of an ever-larger federal government through strategic redistricting. As the progressive left begins to increase its state level spending many of our allies and organizations will have to contend with resources and opponents they haven’t previously faced and they aren’t equipped to defeat. By efficiently providing these allies with the support, strategy, and infrastructure necessary to grow we will be able to help push back against a state-based progressive agenda.

Join the movement. Nominate a candidate.