The Kerry Bentivolio Lesson

In 2012, Liberty For All invested approximately $692,958 into Kerry Bentivolio’s multiple campaigns. With our help we were able to take Kerry from decided underdog to the winner of two elections.

Quickly upon arrival, Kerry sought to forge a moderate path that would stave off a primary challenger. Not only did this lead to a shoddy voting record, including votes to re-authorize the NDAA and a switched vote on the floor to save the Boehner budget, but his plan didn’t work.

Our victory turned out to be a pyrrhic one. In 2014, Kerry Bentivolio was promptly challenged and defeated in the GOP primary 66% to 34% by establishment-backed David Trott. Kerry Bentivolio was a $692,000+ mistake: and unlike other groups that lost in the primaries we actually WON that election.

This loss taught us an important lesson: we have to increase the number of viable candidates running for Congress so our members don’t make such easy targets. Moreover, the liberty movement can’t afford to continue making multi-million dollar mistakes.

While there were plenty of groups focusing on federal races – no liberty oriented group was attempting to x this problem at the root and until we do, the establishment will focus their resources on primarying our successes and we will have to marshall all of our money, once again, to fight functionally the same battles as the previous cycle.

But there is a better way – there is a direct pipeline to congress and a cost-effective way to get there. While other groups continue to fight over, and hopefully win, federal elections LFA now primarily works on building the farm team, shaping the platform, and providing scalable solutions to ensure that all of the movements’ candidates are in a better position to succeed.

The long term effect of these efforts will have the compound effect of ensuring there are more strong candidates to run for federal office, a system in place to support them, and an optimized and battle-tested platform for them to run on.

Do you know a pro-liberty candidate running for office? Nominate them today!