The Angel Initiative: How Kentucky Is Leading the Fight Against Addiction

The United States is facing an opioid crisis. Millions of Americans, through no faults of their own, get addicted to powerful pain medications. Most of the time, these medications were prescribed by doctors after needed procedures. But these drugs are very addictive and patients quickly become dependent on them.

For years Americans lost their lives, thanks to opioid addiction. Families lost mothers and fathers. Those who don’t die, face a painful cycle of debilitating addiction. They lose everything because of their dependency on these drugs. Yet, until recently, our country ignored this epidemic.

President Donald Trump declared war on the opioid crisis. He made it a priority of his administration to end the ugly cycle that has so many Americans addicted to these drugs. The president is taking steps to confront abusive practices by pharmaceutical makers and the government loopholes that allow them to scam Americans. But so much more must be done.

While work is underway at the federal level, addiction is a personal affliction. It hurts individual people. To solve this crisis, it takes the support and compassion of our leaders at every level. In the past, local and state government confronted drug use with an iron fist. People suffering from addiction could face harsh penalties like jail time. It did nothing to free them from addiction or encourage others to seek help. In fact, it made the problem much worse.

Leaders like Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin are taking bold new steps to end this crisis. The brave Angel Initiative is a new approach at helping the many Kentucky residents who suffer from drug addiction. It’s not about punishing them or trying to find ways of “catching” them in the act. In fact, this new program will give citizens the liberty to seek help, with zerofear of being penalized by law enforcement.

The program, which was unveiled March 1, 2018, will allow residents suffering from substance abuse to seek the help of Kentucky State Police. They can enter any KSP Post and receive help in finding a treatment center. The police will not arrest them or hit them with a fine. Instead, they will use their resources to get the person into rehab. This new measure has the potential of transforming the lives of many Americans.

In discussing the program, Gov. Bevin said, “We have an obligation to make sure we are taking care of every Kentuckian. That if we don’t, we ultimately reap what we sow. An ounce of prevention that we can spend is worth a pound of cure.” (The Daily Independent)

This initiative is a significant change from what we usually see from government. Not to mention law enforcement. Many Americans are hostile to the overreaching approach the government has had battling drug abuse. The government often tramples over their personal freedoms, in the pursuit of prosecution. Because of that, few citizens trust local government. They are seen as the enemy.

That’s not to mention the left’s approach to drug abuse. For all of the Democrats’ bluster about reforming communities and changing lives, they all but encourage drug addiction. They do little to help communities hit hardest by drugs. On top of that, disastrous programs like Obamacare only encouraged the purchase and abuse of opioids. Government-funded drug addiction—imagine that!

Liberty-minded leaders like Gov. Bevin are walking the talk. He’s promising to restore the dignity and freedom of Kentucky citizens. There’s no greater freedom that freedom from drug addiction. The Angel Initiative will empower residents to seek the help they need.

Hopefully, more states will adopt similar programs.