Rep. Massie Is Voting for the Tax Bill. Here’s Why.

We know that more government is a bad thing. As the federal government increases its power, the first thing that’s hit–aside from our Constitutional liberties–is our bank accounts.

The less the government spends, the better. That’s why our man Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was opposed to the GOP’s recent budget. He proudly voted it down, knowing it would add over $5 billion to our deficit.

With the release of Congress’s new tax bill, however, Massie–and liberty conservatives–have something to be happy about.

“I am going to vote for this,” Massie said smiling. “This is a new experience for me to be excited about a bill…”

“I can go home and tell my constituents unequivocally this bill is better than the status quo,” Massie said. “I couldn’t do that with health care. The health care bill was slapdash. There wasn’t a tenth of the thought and planning in the health care bill that there is in this tax bill. The health care bill? I called it a kidney stone because all we wanted to do was pass it.” [Source: CNN]

Massie is one of few conservatives in D.C. that truly believes in limited government and limited spending. And his votes speak to that. He wants what the rest of us around the country want: let Americans keep more of their money.

Listen, we know that taxation is theft in the plainest of terms. Why should the government be allowed to take so much from hard-working Americans? While we might not see the day when taxation is reduced to zero, this new tax plan is promising to reduce the burden on millions of Americans.

With the GOP’s current plan, the tax code will be flatter. As Massie has stated, higher taxes are a form of government social engineering: a way for the government to erase our freedoms and exert more control.  With the new changes, our tax code will be fairer. The only people complaining are the elitists who are currently enjoying warped, uneven tax brackets.

Larger deductions in the new plan will mean more middle class and working class Americans will pay less every year. Massie’s hope is to cut the tax rate across the board so that all citizens–regardless of where they live–can enjoy lower taxes.

Massie has also explained how the tax cuts will make the U.S. more competitive globally. The boon to small businesses will also stimulate the economically (adding more jobs). The GOP tax plan is clearly a win for the vast majority of Americans.

But the bill will be hotly contested. Representatives like Massie need your support. Be sure to contact your state representatives to let them know you support the tax cuts. When more of us are vocal, they have to listen.