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Yvonne Dean Bailey

(R) State House - NH (32nd District)


State House – New Hampshire 32


Won (62% – 38%)




Northwood, NH


Yvonne Dean-Bailey is a long time resident of Northwood and a two term Republican State Representative serving Northwood, Nottingham, Deerfield and Candia.

First elected in 2015 in a tight special election, Yvonne ran on principles of fiscal conservatism, individual liberty and decreased government bureaucracy.

​Throughout her time as a State Representative she has consistently lived up to her promise to protect the taxpayer.

Currently, Yvonne serves as the Vice Chairwoman for the Election Law Committee where she works to keep New Hampshire elections fair, transparent and efficient.

When she is not at the State House, Yvonne works at a locally owned marketing firm in Manchester and spends her free time reading and playing pickup basketball.


I am a Republican – but I am by all means an independent voice. I support limited government, personal freedom and the reduction of crony capitalism. We need leaders in Concord who are not wavered by lobbyists or bureaucrats but instead work for their district. I work for more jobs, less government, responsible spending but above all – our community.
Pro-Business:  Throughout my time in the legislature I have ​continuously supported free market policies that would create more jobs and better serve New Hampshire’s business owners. If reelected, I will continue to support the reduction of the red tape our business owners faces every day. In order to bring jobs to our state, we must have a business climate that outshines other states in the Northeast.

Choice in Education:  I am proud to support choice in education and support legislation that allows communities and parents to choose what education works best for their students. I do not support Common Core but I do support school choice and increased funding for charter schools throughout the state.

Fight Taxes – Keep Spending in Check:  I will continue to commit to low taxes and responsible spending. It is high business taxes that steer companies away from our state. Without these companies, we lose good jobs. I will continue to fight against increased business taxes. I will never support a sales or an income tax and will work to bring businesses back to our state.

Reduce Crony Capitalism:  I will fight against crony capitalism in Concord. The state should not pick the winners and losers. We must leave that up to the free market. I will work against crony casino bills and underfunded rail programs.

Fight for the Constitution:  From the Second Amendment to the First Amendment, our rights, given to us by the Constitution allow us to live free and full lives. I fully support the freedom of speech and the full use of our Second Amendment Rights.

Support Local Control:  I believe in the power of the people. It is our community who knows our towns best. Not bureaucrats in Concord or Washington. I believe that decisions should be made at the local level and not be forced down by big government.

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