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Thomas Massie

(R) U.S. House - KY (4th District)


U.S. House – Kentucky 4


Won (62% – 35%)




Garrison, KY


Thomas and his wife, Rhonda, have four children. An inventor, self-starter, and local entrepreneur, Thomas earned two engineering degrees at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a small-business owner and founded SensAble Technologies, Inc., which rased over $32 million, obtained 24 patents, and has employed 70 people. He currently operates a cattle farm in Garrison, KY. He and his family live in a solar-powered home built by Thomas himself.

He was first elected Lewis County Judge Executive in 2010. As Judge Executive he worked to eliminate wasteful spending and was a model of savvy leadership and fiscal restraint.


Thomas supports the audit and the abolition of the Federal Reserve. He opposes all tax increases and would fully repeal the Dodd-Frank act. Supporting a non-interventionist foreign policy, he opposes the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, opposes nation building, and opposes any war unless officially declared by Congress. A strong support of civil liberties he opposes the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the PATRIOT Act, TSA, and SOPA or other internet restrictions. He supports a full repeal of Obamacare and believes in federalism.

In addition to the support of Liberty for All, he has been endorsed by Former Rep. Ron Paul, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the Club for Growth, Young Americans for Liberty, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Kentucky, the National Association for Gun Rights, the National Federation of Independent Business, and FreedomWorks PAC amongst many others.

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