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Igor Birman

Candidate (R) for U.S. Congress – CA (7th District)

The Race

Candidate (R) for U.S. Congress – CA (7th District)


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Moscow, Soviet Union (currently resides in Rancho Cordova, CA)


Born in the Soviet Union, Igor Birman has seen the horrors of a police state and felt the pains of a society that represses freedom and choice. He came to the United States in 1994 as a refugee and became an American citizen at 19. From there he went on to graduate from UC Davis with a B.A. in political science and from Emory University with his juris doctorate. He is a member of the California bar.

In addition to his legal background, Igor previously served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Tom McClintock. In that role, he supervised staff and served as a key policy advisor. In his spare time, he is a private pilot and avid skier.


Igor’s life experiences have led him to serve as an unflinching advocate for freedom and a strong mouthpiece against the surveillance state, police abuse, and government excess. When asked why he is running, he stated that he is running to preserve the American Dream and the bounties of freedom that make it possible. He is a vocal opponent of indefinite detention, warrantless surveillance, interventionist wars, and the aggressive use of government agencies to intimidate their political opponents.  He has seen what happen when a debt crisis collapses the economy and will do everything he can to prevent it from happening here.  He personifies the hope that America has always represented to people all over the globe and will fight to ensure that future generations of Americans are provided the same opportunities he was.

In addition to being endorsed by Liberty For All Action Fund, Igor’s campaign is chaired by Rep. Tom McClintock and has been endorsed by Representatives Thomas Massie, Jim Jordan, and Mick Mulvaney; Young Americans For Liberty; the Republican Liberty Caucus; Freedomworks; the Madison Project; the National Association for Gun Rights; the Conservative Victory Fund; and the Gun Owners of America.

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