Rep. Massie Wants to Save Social Security. Here’s How.

Is there any end to government taxation and regulation? It seems like, once a person gets their head above water, the federal government finds a way to push them back under.

This is never more felt than in the area of taxation. Millions of Americans have worked hard all their lives. They’ve persevered to support their families, fighting to achieve the American Dream. Through it all they’ve been heavily taxed on their income, purchases, and property. But at least a portion of that tax was going to Social Security, something they were told would be there for them, come retirement.

Yet by the time Americans reach retirement age, they are hit with another injustice. That Social Security check–already far too small–is hit with another tax! This is money they paid into the system over decades. Money that was taxed from their own paychecks. Only now they are being taxed on it again, when they need the money most.

Thankfully, there are lawmakers who understand so many Americans’ pain. Representative Thomas Massie is actually championing a law that will see an end to this terrible tax.

Rep. Thomas Massie says it’s one of the most popular bills he’s ever sponsored: a proposal enticingly named the “Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act” that would end taxes on Social Security income.

Many older Americans are shocked, the Kentucky Republican says, to learn they pay federal income tax twice: once as workers on pay diverted into the Social Security system and again after receiving retirement ... continue reading »

Rep. Massie Is Voting for the Tax Bill. Here’s Why.

We know that more government is a bad thing. As the federal government increases its power, the first thing that’s hit–aside from our Constitutional liberties–is our bank accounts.

The less the government spends, the better. That’s why our man Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky was opposed to the GOP’s recent budget. He proudly voted it down, knowing it would add over $5 billion to our deficit.

With the release of Congress’s new tax bill, however, Massie–and liberty conservatives–have something to be happy about.

“I am going to vote for this,” Massie said smiling. “This is a new experience for me to be excited about a bill…”

“I can go home and tell my constituents unequivocally this bill is better than the status quo,” Massie said. “I couldn’t do that with health care. The health care bill was slapdash. There wasn’t a tenth of the thought and planning in the health care bill that there is in this tax bill. The health care bill? I called it a kidney stone because all we wanted to do was pass it.” [Source: CNN]

Massie is one of few conservatives in D.C. that truly believes in limited government and limited spending. And his votes speak to that. He wants what the rest of us around the country want: let Americans keep more of their money.

Listen, we know that taxation is theft in the plainest of terms. Why should the government be allowed to take so much from hard-working Americans? While we might ... continue reading »

Rep. Massie Stands up for Your Second Amendment Rights

Recent, highly-publicized shootings have empowered the liberal media to once again go after our gun rights. Democrats in Washington always try to take the easy way out. When something terrible happens, they look for the simplest, least effective answer. Instead of, obviously, looking at the real sources of violence.

Liberals in D.C. have tried to use the recent horrible tragedy in Las Vegas to push for greater gun control. While fighting to erode our Second Amendment rights have always been a losing battle for the left, they frequently look to find new ways to limit Americans’ access to firearms.

The latest push by Democratic lawmakers has been to try to ban bump stock devices. According to reports, the Las Vegas shooter used one of these modification. In response to this attack on the Second Amendment, the NRA urged the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to weigh in on the matter. This would give this bureau greater power to regulate our freedoms, more than even Congress or the White House.

Representative Thomas Massie, is not happy about that.

The Republican leader of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus blasted the National Rifle Association’s stance on how the federal government should deal with “bump stocks,” and said it’s a recipe for the Trump administration to search for new gun restrictions in the law where there are none.

“I think it’s a horrible idea, to ask the ATF to contort existing law,” Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., told the Washington Examiner on Thursday. ... continue reading »