About Us

Who We Are

Recognizing the vast number of think tanks and philosophical institutions, Liberty For All Action Fund serves as the political arm of the broader movement. We stand as one of the most effective vehicles for advancing the core ideals of limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility in all 50 states. Through the recruitment, support, and election of next generation candidates who understand that limited government is the basis of security, peace, and prosperity we pave the path for the actualization of pro-liberty policies at all levels of government.

Liberty For All Action Fund is a federal political action committee organized as a hybrid SuperPAC. We donate directly to political campaigns and also raise unlimited contributions for the purpose of independent political expenditures. This hybrid structure allows us to protect and preserve past investments while growing the movement and building the coalition through each election cycle.

Our Story

Liberty For All was founded to recruit and elect pro-liberty candidates all around the country. Far too many groups function as the patron saint of lost causes. We exist to win elections. That’s it. Liberty For All played a major role in numerous elections in the 2012 cycle by winning over 90% of its elections and never losing a federal race.

Liberty For All SuperPAC now exists as Liberty For All Action Fund and continues to grow the federal liberty caucus and to build the bench in down ballot races all across the country. We support candidates who are well qualified to hold office, enable the efficient expenditure of funds, and are in key states where the long-term impact is greater than a single election or expenditure.

Enhancing all of these efforts is our constant commitment to reach out to new groups and constituencies while electing the next generation of pro-liberty candidates. Liberty for All Action Fund continues to accomplish this through the participation in targeted races by identifying the strongest candidates and custom tailoring our independent expenditures to make full use of traditional and new media strategies.

Our Candidates

Independent sentiment has never been higher. Liberty For All Action Fund is hard at work identifying, recruiting and electing a new kind of candidate who is committed to winning on principle.

By electing the next generation of leaders, we are broadening the liberty coalition across the nation. By investing in the next battlegrounds, we are growing the movement in the places where we are needed most. By combining energetic messengers with a compelling message, we are making a difference one race at a time.

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